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Shropshire Over 50s and 60s
Shropshire’s Seniors are looking forward to an enjoyable season of cricket in 2021 – Covid-19 Shropshire has two teams at both Over 50s and Over 60s playing in their respective County Championships – and are always keen to hear from potential new Following on from...
Weekly update from the ECB to clubs 
2021 SCCL Divisional Structure
The Membership & Structure sub-committee met on Monday the 25th of January 2021, in a virtual meeting and recommended the following structure for the 2021 SCCL season, this has now been fully ratified by the whole committee. Following the executive officers' pledge in July last year that...
2021 Season Start Dates
Here are the Henshalls SCCL 2021 season start/end dates (Covid-19 Premier Division: Saturday 17th April 2021 to Saturday 4th September 2021 - 1 of these fixtures will be a Bank Holiday Monday game (To be confirmed based on the decisions from the SCCL Questionnaire that was sent out...
Chairman's End of Season Statement (2020)
When I penned my start of season statement in July, we were entering a “wonder what will happen” season, with us all hoping we could manage to complete our truncated season. Well, after a competitive 10 weeks we have been able to complete the new one-off divisions, and I think the season can be...
DBS updates
Update from ECB Safeguarding Team regarding We would encourage you to check that you have a valid DBS and if necessary, make an application as soon as possible. It’s important to start this process early in preparation for the new season and to avoid delays when cricket activities...