Shropshire County Cricket League

Welcome to the website of the Shropshire County Cricket League, sponsored by Mansfield Sports Group.

The Shropshire County Cricket League was formed in 2012 after a merger between the Shropshire Premier Cricket League and the Shropshire Cricket League, with both Leagues previously dating back to the 1970s. For the forthcoming year, 2024, the SCCL comprises 8 Saturday Divisions and 3 Sunday Divisions - and involves 126 teams. Promotion and relegation link all sections, with the champion of the Premier Division (if eligible) being placed in a mini league involving themselves, and the respective champions from the Worcestershire County League, the South Staffordshire County League and the Warwickshire County Cricket League with the top two from the mini division being promoted to the Birmingham & District Premier Cricket League.

The League, provides its member clubs with organised league cricket, two 100 knockout competitions - the Premier 100 for Premier and Division One clubs and the Challenge 100 for clubs in Division Two and below.

The League’s Management Committee oversees a number of Sub-Committees dealing with all aspects of League business from rules to membership and structure to facilities and ground criteria. If you have a specific query, please contact the Chairman of the relevant Sub-Committees.

For general inquiries, please contact the League Secretary