Premier Division Champions 1970-Present

SCCL Premier Division Champions 

In 2012 the SCCL was created through the merger of the Shropshire Premier League (italics) and the Shropshire Cricket League

1998 was the start of the ECB Premier Leagues and the promotion of Shropshire Champions to the Birmingham and District Premier League

2023 Wellington 1st XI
2022 Ludlow 1st XI
2021 Worfield 1st XI
2020 Wellington 1st XI
2019 Wem 1st XI
2018 Wem 1st XI
2017 Whitchurch 1st XI
2016 Sentinel 1st XI
2015 Newport 1st XI
2014 Worfield 1st XI
2013 Newport 1st XI
2012 Quatt 1st XI
2011 Reman Services 1st XI (now known as Sentinel)
2010 Madeley 1st XI
2009 Oswestry 1st XI
2008 Reman Services 1st XI (now known as Sentinel)
2007 Oswestry 1st XI
2006 Wem 1st XI 
2005 Newport 1st XI
2004 Whitchurch 1st XI
2003 St. Georges 1st XI
2002 Bridgnorth 1st XI
2001 Wroxeter 1st XI
2000 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1999 St. Georges 1st XI
1998 Wellington 1st XI
1997 Ludlow 1st XI
1996 St. Georges 1st XI
1995 Wroxeter 1st XI
1994 Wroxeter 1st XI
1993 Wroxeter 1st XI
1992 Wem 1st XI
1991 Newport 1st XI
1990 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1989 Newport 1st XI
1988 Wroxeter 1st XI
1987 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1986 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1985 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1984 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1983 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1982 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1981 Whitchurch 1st XI
1980 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1979 Wroxeter 1st XI
1978 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1977 Newport 1st XI
1976 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1975 Shrewsbury 1st XI
1974 Wroxeter 1st XI
1973 Wroxeter1st XI
1972 Oswestry 1st XI / Shifnal 1st XI (TIED)
1971 Newport 1st XI / Wem 1st XI (TIED)
1970 Rolls Royce 1st XI (now known as Sentinel)