Senior Slam

Welcome to the Senior Slam organised by Shropshire County Cricket League.


 3. Umpires 
3.1 - Umpires will be appointed from the round of 16 onwards for the Senior Slam, and for the Junior Slam semis and final. The League will pay all expenses for semi-finals and final. 

3.2 - If requested to do so, the Shropshire Association of Cricket Officials will endeavour to appoint panel umpires for matches in the earlier rounds of the competitions, and it will be the responsibility of the team(s) making the request to pay the umpires' expenses. 

3.3 - Where panel umpires are appointed, each team will pay, in cash, their expenses of £20 to one umpire. The match will not start until both payments have been made, and the payments must also be made if the game is called off because of bad weather with all parties present. 

3.4 - The home club will be responsible for paying both umpires' entitled fees if it fails to inform them that the match has been called off.