Please see below all valid and present Disciplinaries (as of 19/04/2019)

1 - Tom Matthews, Jamie Wear and Steve Gray -   Each has a playing suspension of two weeks, suspended for the entire 2019 season. This suspended penalty will be activated in the event of further reports of ill discipline being received from officially appointed Panel Umpires in respect of these three players during the 2019 season. This will be in addition to any other penalties which may be applied in respect of the new reports. 
Sentinel CC were also informed that  any reports of ill discipline submitted by Panel Umpires in respect of any Sentinel 1st XI players throughout the 2019 season, would result in a points deduction on each occasion. 

2 - Will McGarry, Charles Fox-Davies and Piers Rouwenhorst - Worfield CC (disciplined by Worfield CC) - 4 game ban as of 24/08/19