Update on Shelton CC Playing Square

Update on Shelton CC square.

 A number of issues relating to the condition of the Shelton CC square have arisen this season, which culminated with the abandonment of the Premier league game between Shelton & Madeley on the 14th May 2022. Shelton CC are working hard to remedy the situation with the help of SCCL, SCB and the County Pitch Advisors. The current position is summarised below:-

·       Initial work to improve the square is being carried out in accordance with recommendations from the CPAs (Alan Lewis & Adran Shelley).

·       No SCCL matches will be played on the square until after the weekend of the 11/12th June 2022 & those home fixtures planned for that period are currently being re-arranged away from Shelton CC.

·       Once the initial work has been completed to the satisfaction.of the CPAs an internal practice match will be held to determine  whether matches can safely resume. The CPAs will be invited to attend to gauge progress.

·       Subject to how the improved square stands up to the internal practice match an updated plan will be agreed. 

·       Before a resumption of SCCL matches on the square the appointed umpires for the first match will be briefed by Alan Lewis on the reasons why the decision to play has been made.

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