Umpiring appointments 23/05 - 26/06




23 May – 26 June

May 23




Newport v Ludlow

K Miller, R Oakley







May 29


June 12


Allscott Heath  v Madeley

N Marsh, K Price

Ludlow      v Shelton

W Clarke, C Field

Ludlow            v Quatt

G Hurst, P Tandy

Newport    v Madeley

P Brace, G Hurst

Newport   v Shrewsbury 2

G Jones, W Tomkins

Sentinel     v Frankton

G Jones, R Price

Sentinel     v Whitchurch

C Field, N Walmsley

Wellington  v Allscott Hth

P Glover, W Tomkins

Wellington  v Shelton

R Oakley, C Wetherley Mein

Whitchurch  v Quatt

M Cliffe, S Cowie

Worfield      v Frankton

S Cowie, A Kynaston

Worfield    v Shrewsbury 2

R Hesketh, N Walmsley

Stand by

P Glover

Stand by


Division 1


Division 1


Alberbury  v Wellington 2

B Lingard Lane, R Price

Alberbury     v Pontesbury

S Chandler, N Marsh

Beacon      v Cound

S Chandler, P Wardle

Beacon         v St Georges

B Lingard Lane, P Tandy

Bomere Hth v Pontesbury

N Bartram, P Brace

Bomere Hth  v Worfield 2

A Kynaston, R Oakley

Chirk             v Newtown

Club, M Cliffe

Bridgnorth 2 v Newtown

Club, N Bartram

St Georges  v Worfield 2

P Fletcher, K Miller

Chirk             v Cound

Club, P Fletcher

Shifnal 2     v Bridgnorth 2

R Hesketh, Club

Shifnal 2     v Wellington 2

K Miller, G Robson

Stand bys

P Glover

Stand bys






May 31


Thursday June 17

Aarons Premier 100

Alberbury v Bomere Hth

A Kynaston, R Oakley


To be advised



June 19


Thursday June 3

Aarons Premier 100

Frankton   v Allscott Heath

N Marsh, R Price



Madeley   v Ludlow

G Jones, S Cowie

Bomere Hth v Whitchurch

M Cliffe, R Hesketh

Quatt        v Newport

C Field, K Price

Chirk  v     Shelton

Club, R Oakley

Sentinel   v Worfield

M Cliffe, R Oakley

Cound v Frankton

K Price, R Price

Shelton     v Shrewsbury 2

K Miller, P Tandy

Ludlow v Newport


Whitchurch  v Wellington

P Brace, W Clarke

Quatt v Allscott Heath

G Robson, N Walmsley,

Stand bys


Sentinel v Alberbury

R Jones, W Tomkins

Division 1


Shifnal 2 v Bridgnorth 2

K Miller, Club

Bridgnorth 2  v Beacon

Club, M Sheehy

Madeley v Worfield

C Field, A Rudd

Cound            v Pontesbury

N Bartrtam, P Glover



Newtown  v Bomere Heath

R Hesketh, B Lingard Lane



Shifnal 2        v Alberbury

P Mantle, N Walmsley



Wellington 2 v St Georges

S Chandler, Club



Worfield 2     v Chirk 1

W Tomkins, Club



Stand bys






June 5


June 26


Allscott Heath  v Newport

R Hesketh, P Tandy

Allscott Heath  v Shelton

M Cliffe, G Jones

Frankton     v Ludlow

M Cliffe, R Oakley

Ludlow            v Sentinel

W Tomkins, N Walmsley

Madeley    v Whitchurch

A Kynaston, R Price

Newport         v Frankton

A Kynaston, P Tandy

Quatt           v Sentinel

P Brace, W Clarke

Shrewsbury 2   v Madeley

P Glover, R Hesketh

Shelton       v Worfield

P Glover, P Wardle

Wellington       v Quatt

R Oakley, P Wardle

Shrewsbuy 2 v Wellington

N Marsh, K Price

Worfield        v Whitchurch

G Hurst, K Price

Stand bys

G Hurst

Stand bys

C Field,

Division 1


Division 1


Cound           v Alberbury

S Cowie, G Robson

Alberbury    v Bridgnorth 2

W Clarke, Club

Newtown      v Shifnal 2

P Fletcher, C Field

Beacon           v Newtown

P Mantle, K Miller

Pontesbury  v Beacon

G Jones, K Miller

Bomere Hth  v Wellinton 2

N Bartram, S Cowie

St Georges v Bomere Hth

S Chandler, W Tomkins

Chirk              v Shifnal 2

Club, S Chandler

Wellington 2 v Chirk

N Bartram, Club

Pontesbury   v Worfield 2

P Brace, P Fletcher

Worfield 2   v Bridgnorth 2

B Lingard Lane, Club

St Georges   v Cound

R Price, G Robson

Stand bys

G Hurst

Stand bys

C Field,


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