SCCL Premier Division Structure 2022

The Henshalls SCCL Structure Sub Committee met on Monday 04/10/21 to decide the Premier Division Structure

It was proposed and voted through that we would operate 2 up and 2 down in the Premier Division.

Oswestry 1st XI have returned to the SCCL from the Birmingham League, they will replace our 2021 champions Worfield 1st XI

Shrewsbury 2nd XI and Frankton 1st XI have been relegated to Division 1, and they will be replaced by St Georges 1st XI, Division 1 Champions and Shifnal 2nd XI Division 1 Runners up

The 2022 structure will be

Oswestry 1st XI
Quatt 1st XI
Sentinel 1st XI
Whitchurch 1st XI
Ludlow 1st XI
Madeley 1st XI
Wellington 1st XI
Newport 1st XI
Shelton 1st XI
Allscott 1st XI
St Georges 1st XI
Shifnal 2nd XI

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