Chairman's End of Season Statement (2020)

When I penned my start of season statement in July, we were entering a “wonder what will happen” season, with us all hoping we could manage to complete our truncated season. Well, after a competitive 10 weeks we have been able to complete the new one-off divisions, and I think the season can be regarded as a great success.

We had a couple of localised COVID - 19 scares with a few games called off, as the safety of players and match officials was paramount to your SCCL Executive Officers and Committee members.

I believe that the general consensus amongst our member clubs, was that the cricket was competitive and played in the correct spirit. We had one or two disciplinary issues but the behaviour was generally better than usual, and it would be good if this could continue into future seasons.

I would at this stage, like to thank the members of your Management Committee who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that league cricket could be played throughout Shropshire in 2020. Divisional placements were needed, fixtures were needed, revised rules required to be put in place, as was the tweaking of the player registration requirements and the procurement of trophies. All this work was done in a very professional manner by what after all, are a band of enthusiastic volunteers. Gentlemen, you know who you are and on behalf of myself and all the clubs in the league, thank you all very much.

Three gentleman deserve special praise for their endeavours during this season, and they are the three members who make up your Executive Officers with myself. Jamie, Brian and Mike H, thank you for all your hard work. I know it has been time consuming and at times difficult, but you have all been brilliant. Thank you.

I would like to thank you, our member clubs, for helping us, have a good season. I know it was not easy ensuring all the restrictions demanded by the ECB were implemented and made to work. “Jumping through hoops” springs to mind. Only one real problem occurred and that was in respect of the use of changing facilities being used at some clubs. I witnessed this happening myself, and it is important moving forward that we all adhere to all restrictions, not just the ones we like.

I would like to thank all who donned the white coats throughout the summer for the services provided by them, and to those umpires who decided for health reasons to give this season a miss, I hope to see you back on the pitch in 2021. Likewise, I wish to thank all the scorers for turning out each week.

I congratulate all the winners of our numerous divisions for their success. I’m not going to mention you individually, and for those unaware of all the winners, these can be found on the SCCL website. Equally, to all individual “players of the season”, very well done. It was originally decided that these individual awards winners were not going to receive a trophy, but your Executive Officers have decided to change that, and each will, in time, receive proper recognition.

When we can present these awards remains to be seen, perhaps they can be presented at the pre-season Captains meeting in 2021 (if things are indeed, back to “normal”). We will keep you informed.

We remain indebted to the work of the NHS and all key workers for their continued great work during these unprecedented times, and I hope you all stay safe and will be able to enjoy a full season in 2021.

Finally, I just want you remember “THAT IT’S OK, NOT TO BE OK” and any suffering with mental health issues,please ask for and get the help you require.
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17/10/2020 12:52:14

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