2021 SCCL Divisional Structure

The Membership & Structure sub-committee met on Monday the 25th of January 2021, in a virtual meeting and recommended the following structure for the 2021 SCCL season, this has now been fully ratified by the whole committee.

Following the executive officers' pledge in July last year that promotion & relegation would not be adversely affected by the mini-divisions of 2020, the structure for most divisions is a close reflection on that originally scheduled for a full season last year.

However some adjustments have had to be made because the 2nd XIs of Acton Reynald, Iscoyd & Fenns Bank, Much Wenlock and Broseley have not entered for this year.

Premier and Divisions Three, Four, and Five are unchanged.

The only change for Divisions One/Two sees Knockin 1st XI relegated at the club's own request, with Cound 1st XI – originally relegated by a narrow margin – replacing them.

In Division Six, St Georges 3 have replaced Acton Reynald 2.

All this replicates the original template of 12 sides for the top five divisions, and 11 for Divs Five & Six where all sides have two 'bye' weekends.

The sub was also mindful of the questionnaire replies from all clubs regarding preferred number of games per season, which resulted in the majority of clubs wanting 22 matches in the higher divisions and a roughly-equal split of 18-22 fixtures in the lower sections.

The withdrawals left Div Eight with only seven teams, so this has been amalgamated with the remaining nine sides from Div Seven to form a 16-team bottom division which will work as follows: all plays all with random H/A (15 games) with a further three matches at reverse venues (total 18) against each team's nearest neighbours, which involves a geographical split of 4-4-4-4.

For Sundays, three new applicants were accepted in Wroxeter 2, St Georges 4 and Oswestry 4, while Ellesmere 3 have withdrawn. This left a total of 25 teams, which will operate as follows:

Pontesbury 3's request for relegation has been effected, leaving Sunday One with 11 sides (20 games).

Sunday Two will comprise 14 teams which will work as follows: all play all with random H/A (13 games) with a further six matches (total 19) at reverse venues against each team's nearest neighbours, which involves a 7-7 geographical split.

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