Premier Division Fixtures 2018

Games Start at 1300 (1200 for the last 5 games of the season)

Fixtures in Bold denote Win/Lose Matches  

NG Indicates No Game

Saturday 21st April

Frankton vs Bomere Heath
Ludlow vs Sentinel
Cound vs Newtown
Madeley vs Quatt
Wem vs St Georges
Worfield NG

Saturday 28th April

St Georges vs Madeley
Quatt vs Cound
Newtown vs Worfield
Sentinel vs Frankton
Bomere Heath vs Wem
Ludlow NG

Saturday 5th May

Ludlow vs Newtown
Worfield vs Quatt
Cound vs St Georges
Madeley vs Wem
Bomere Heath vs Sentinel
Frankton NG

Saturday 12th May

Madeley vs  Bomere Heath
Wem vs Cound
St Georges vs Worfield
Quatt vs Ludlow
Newtown vs Frankton
Sentinel NG

Saturday 19th May 

Frankton vs Quatt
Ludlow vs St Georges
Worfield vs Wem
Cound vs Madeley
Sentinel vs Newtown
Bomere Heath NG

Saturday 26th May

Cound vs Bomere Heath
Madeley vs Worfield
Wem vs Ludlow
St Georges vs Frankton
Quatt vs Sentinel
Newtown NG

Saturday 2nd June

Frankton vs Wem
Ludlow vs Madeley
Worfield vs Cound
Sentinel vs St Georges
Bomere Heath vs Newtown
Quatt NG

Saturday 9th June

Worfield vs Bomere Heath
Cound vs Ludlow
Madeley vs Frankton
Wem vs Sentinel
Quatt vs Newtown
St Georges NG
Saturday 16th June 

Frankton vs Cound
Ludlow vs Worfield
Newtown vs St Georges
Sentinel vs Madeley
Bomere Heath vs Quatt
Wem NG

Saturday 23rd June

Ludlow vs Bomere Heath
Worfield vs Frankton
Cound vs Sentinel
Wem vs Newtown
St Georges vs Quatt
Madeley NG

Saturday 30th June

Frankton vs Ludlow
Quatt vs Wem
Newtown vs Madeley
Sentinel vs Worfield
Bomere Heath vs St Georges 
Cound NG

Saturday 7th July

St Georges vs Wem
Quatt vs Madeley
Newtown vs Cound
Sentinel vs Ludlow
Bomere Heath vs Frankton
Worfield NG

Saturday 14th July

Frankton vs Sentinel
Worfield vs Newtown
Cound vs Quatt
Madeley vs St Georges
Wem vs Bomere Heath
Ludlow NG

Saturday 21st July

Wem vs Madeley
St Georges vs Cound
Quatt vs Worfield
Newtown vs Ludlow
Sentinel vs Bomere Heath
Frankton NG

Saturday 28th July

Frankton vs Newtown
Ludlow vs Quatt
Worfield vs St Georges
Cound vs Wem
Bomere Heath vs Madeley
Sentinel NG

Saturday 4th August

Madeley vs Cound
Wem vs Worfield
St Georges vs Ludlow
Quatt vs Frankton
Newtown vs Sentinel
Bomere Heath NG
Saturday 11th August

Frankton vs St Georges
Ludlow vs Wem
Worfield vs Madeley
Sentinel vs Quatt
Bomere Heath vs Cound
Newtown NG

Saturday 18th August

Cound vs Worfield
Madeley vs Ludlow
Wem vs Frankton
St Georges vs Sentinel
Newtown vs Bomere Heath
Quatt NG

Saturday 25th August

Frankton vs Madeley
Ludlow vs Cound
Newtown vs Quatt
Sentinel vs Wem
Bomere Heath vs Worfield
St Georges NG

Saturday 1st September

Worfield vs Ludlow
Cound vs Frankton
Madeley vs Sentinel
St Georges vs Newtown
Quatt vs Bomere Heath 
Wem NG

Saturday 8th September

Frankton vs Worfield
Quatt vs St Georges
Newtown vs Wem
Sentinel vs Cound
Bomere Heath vs Ludlow 
Madeley NG

Saturday 15th September

Ludlow vs Frankton
Worfield vs Sentinel
Madeley vs Newtown
Wem vs Quatt
St Georges vs Bomere Heath
Cound NG