Update on points for Officials

Scorers bonus point - as of 10/03/2020

After the SCCL Managment committee meeting held on 09/03/2020 - It was decided that a relaxation of the initial scorer rules had to be adopted. 

It had been agreed that, ideally a scorer should have passed ECB ACO Club Scorer course and be a member of ECB ACO. 

However we have now dropped the requirement to be a member of the ECB ACO, however we would recommend that scorers should join the organisation for their own benefit

So for 2020, scorers who have completed the ECB ACO ‘Basics of Scoring’ on-line course and show evidence of completing the course will be able to claim the scorers point, the bonus point is applicable to all divisions except the Premier, and in the case of over 18's they must be DBS checked by the end of the season. If by the end of the season, in September, scorers who are not DBS checked, will lose the points gained.

All Clubs that this scorers point applies to must register the details of the scorer with the CWO SCCL Mike Jenkins 

The League at its discretion may allow an individual who has displayed exceptional long service to qualify for the bonus point without the need to take the on-line course - DBS checks for over 18s will still be required though.

We appreciate that there are many long-standing scorers in the League who would not want to or be able to participate in the Club Scorer course run over two weekends. Scorers can now complete the on-line course in their own time and present their course certificate. The course is free.

The online course can be accessed here

Umpire's bonus point

Ideally an umpire should be ECB ACO qualified and be a member of ECB ACO*. For 2020, umpires who have attended the Introduction to Umpiring course and are members of ECB ACO will be able to claim the umpire’s point. The bonus point is applicable to all divisions except the Premier.

As part of an new ECB ACO initiative in 2020,  any new umpires attending the course being held over two evenings on Wednesdays 8th & 15th April at Allscott Heath Sports and Social Club will receive FREE membership of ECB ACO for the first year on completion of the application form and having a current DBS certificate.

Applications for the course must be made on-line on the ECB ACO website 

Please note that the course should be available to book on-line from 1st March when the details have been uploaded by the ECB ACO to the site. 

To give some back ground to the inclusion of a point for umpires and scorers, we as a League along with the Shropshire ACO are looking to recruit and retain officials at all levels of the SCCL and feel that we should incentivise clubs to provide officials. We have done this over several seasons for umpires and this season have extended that to include scorers, they are after all equally valuable to the smooth running and enjoyment of the game.

*We are requesting that scorers and umpires also become members of ECB ACO, the annual cost of which is £30 for adults. Membership of ECB ACO requires members to have a valid DBS. If you do not already have a DBS your membership application will start the process. Officials, both umpires and scorers should have a DBS along with coaches, team managers, captains and other club officials. Within the SCCL we have open age cricket with an increasing number of juniors participating. 

One of the key areas for improvement identified by players in the ECB player surveys has been to see more, better trained / qualified umpires (and scorers) officiating in their games. The League and Shropshire ACO are working towards achieving that ambition throughout the League. 

For further information, please contact Tim Barber - Vice Chair of SCCL Rules Sub-Committee
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