Shropshire ACO Umpires Course

Stumped by the Laws of Cricket? Frustrated by that lbw decision at the weekend? Or are you hanging up the spikes this autumn but want to stay involved in the game?

Then why not get a better understanding of the game from the umpire’s point of view by getting involved in officiating.

There will be courses staged in Shropshire over the winter which will help you become a qualified official ahead of the start of the new season in April.

There is a simple three-stage process you can follow.

Learn the Laws of Cricket online via the MCC website by and obtain the Cerfiticate of Completion.

Join the Stage One Course – Club Umpire – which will be held on Wednesday nights from 7.30-9.30pm from November 7 to December 10 at Allscott Sports & Social Club.

Then Join the Stage Two – League Umpire course on Wednesday nights again from 7.30-9.30pm at Allscott Sports & Social Club from February 6 to March 13.

The MCC online course is free and must be completed before you join Stage One of the process.

To register go to, and you can follow the steps to find the Shropshire courses. The cost is £30 per course, but you get a £20 discount if both are booked at the same time.

If you want more information or help, you can contact Mike Sheehy from the Shropshire Association of Cricket Officials (SACO) via or call (01743) 361651

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