SCCL Statement on BDPCL Restructure Vote

Following the Special General Meeting of the Birmingham & District Premier Cricket League (BDPCL) on Monday 19th March, you will probably be aware that member clubs voted by a majority of 31-15 to accept the ‘Blueprint For The Restructure Of Cricket In The West Midlands’ proposal that was put forward by the BDPCL Committee and supported by ECB West Midlands, the five relevant County Cricket Boards and the four County ‘Feeder’ Leagues, including SCCL.

 As a result of this vote, from the 2019 season onwards the BDPCL will contain 24 1st XIs in two divisions. All other 1st and 2nd XIs will return to their nominated County League.

The SCCL Management Committee has been involved in this process for some considerable time and has been preparing for this possible outcome. We have taken the decision – recommended by the ECB as being meritocratic – to amend our divisional structure to a linear or single-stream system from season 2019 onwards which brings us into line with the other County ‘Feeder’ Leagues which have also decided to adopt the same policy.

SCCL divisional positions for seasons 2019 will be determined by the League’s Structure Sub-Committee at the end of the coming season based on final positions in the 2018 league tables in both current streams (main and reserve) and also the BDPCL. 

Any returning current BDPCL 1st XLs will automatically be placed in our Premier Division, while returning current BDPCL 2nd XIs will be placed in our structure in a position relative to their strength but no higher than Division 1 in the initial season. Additionally, no two teams from the same club will be placed in any one division except the League’s bottom division if required.

The SCCL favours these changes to the structure of cricket in the West Midlands and believes they will make our League a stronger and more competitive competition. It will also mean that every game will matter in 2018 as clubs strive to finish as high as possible in their respective divisions in view of the forthcoming restructure.

However, because it is not possible to know how many teams will be returning to the SCCL from the BDPCL until after the end of the forthcoming season, and also given the vagaries of entry confirmation for next year, it will not be possible to give clubs any meaningful guidance as to where they need to finish in order for advantageous placings for 2019.

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