SCCL Notice of EGM - Tuesday 23rd of April 2019


Would you please note that a single item Extraordinary General Meeting of the SCCL will be held on Tuesday 23rd April 2019, at St Georges CC, Telford (7.30 pm) in order to formally ratify a proposal approved by the SCCL Management Committee at a recent meeting.

This EGM will take place immediately prior to the Pre Season Captains’ Meeting being held at the same venue, and I should be grateful if you would please ensure that your club representative is mandated to vote on behalf of your club.

The proposal is to clarify the procedure covering Clubmark Accreditation and deadline dates ( proposal requires a two thirds majority).

At present the deadline dates are included within the SCCL Constitution, which can only be changed via an AGM/EGM, and therefore the Management Committee considers that by including the dates within the SCCL Rules, more flexibility will be achieved, thus eliminating the need for regular EGMs etc. Accordingly, under the proposal, the following three sub clauses will replace the existing ones and therefore provide the above mentioned flexibility:

3(g) All member Clubs with a team playing in the Premier Division, Division One or Division Two shall possess Clubmark or similar accreditation as defined within the League rules.   Failure to achieve this status by the deadline stated within the League rules will mean that the Club will not be eligible to play in any of those divisions in the following season. 

3(i) Any Club wishing to be admitted to, or any member club seeking to change the number of its teams in, the League, shall apply in writing to the League Secretary not later than the closing date to be set by the League Committee for that year,  indicating the number of teams it wishes to enter next season. The League Secretary will notify all member Clubs not later than 31st August of the closing date by which such application is to be received. Each application shall be considered by the Committee in accordance with the requirements of Clauses 3(a), 3(b), 3(c), 3(d), 3(e) and 3(f) above.  The Committee shall have the power to refuse any application and may, if it wishes, but is not bound to, give reasons for its decision.  In exceptional circumstances, applications received after the closing date may be considered.

3(j) Any member Club wishing to resign from the League shall give notice in writing to the League Secretary not later than the date set by the League Committee for that year (as defined in Clause 3(i) hereof).”
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