Henshalls SCCL 2020 Structure

This week (Wednesday 06/11/19) the Membership and Structure Sub-Committee met to determine all placings for the 2020 season outside of the top 2 divisions.
They approved the applications of Column CC 2nd XI and Chelmarsh CC 2nd XI, both of whom have been accepted into Sunday Division 2. Broseley CC 2nd XI have re-applied and were placed in Division 8, whilst Hinstock CC, after their recent troubles, have been re-admitted but start off in Division 7.

Whilst the sub-committee were keen to maintain 12 team divisions outside of Division 7 and 8, this has proven impossible and so Division 5 & 6 both contain 11 teams, working out at 20 matches per side. 

In terms of placing sides, the meeting incorporated "PHASE 2" of the major revamp that was undertaken for the 2019 season. The main outcome of Phase 2 being that Chelmarsh CC 1st XI and Wem CC 2nd XI who were both runaway winners of Division 4 and 5, have been promoted two divisions into Divisions 2 and 3 respectively. 

Long standing Structure Sub-Committee Chairman Nick Broadbent commented, "Our concern every year, and even more so this year given the major restructure of 2018, is to establish the best possible level of equality across all divisions, always with the good of the league in mind and without feeling obliged to restrict ourselves in any perceived manner or be bound by precedents.

Given the arbitrary nature of placements last year, which by and large have proven successful, we still felt a further tweaking was essential in order to expedite the bedding in process of what is in effect 3 leagues merging into 1. We look forward to the league settling down to a good and consistent level of cricket across all divisions, although we will retain the right to make additional changes in future years, if the sub-committee feel it is absolutely necessary."


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