GDPR and Website

To all Member Club Secretaries - You should have received a copy of this via email

In order to confirm your club's contact details on the SCCL website & comply with GDPR please follow the instructions set out below:-

- Register your club on this link page - (It is suggested that the club Secretary inputs his/her club details for registration purposes)
- Once registered this will create an account on the website.
- Check your club details are correct and select the tick box. 
- You will be able to see a login link on the footer of the website where you can go to log in to the account. There is a section in your account relating to your privacy preferences so please tick the relevant boxes to enable SCCL to make contact with your club officials whilst complying with GDPR.
- By way of example a link to Acton Reynald CC's contact details is shown here - 
- For any further information/help please contact Website Administrator - Matt Porter
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