Division 3 2nd XI - Additional Optional Fixtures

All teams in Division Three 2nd XI are being given the chance to play a full hand of matches, despite the demise of both Market Dayton 2nd XI and Bishops Castle 2nd XI which has reduced the division to 14 teams.

As two sides are now facing blank fixtures every week, the League Management has decided that those two teams left without a match may play each other in bona-fide league games every Saturday from June 23 until the end of the season.

The provisos for any newly-created fixtures in this division are as follows:

- Both teams must both agree to play and identify a venue – if one or both sides do not wish to play, then no game will take place.
- Both teams must notify both league results co-ordinator Craig Simms and league secretary Brian Kitson.
- Both of the above must be completed no later than 8.00pm on the Thursday before the Saturday game.
- The game will be played under identical league rules with no exceptions, including a points penalty for cancellations.
- Whether the game is WDL or WL depends on the format of the day in other divisions.
- As teams will end up playing a different number of matches whether these "extra" matches are played or not, all sides will be given a "points-average-per-game" at the end of the season which will determine final placements.

These are the teams and dates currently affected by blank Saturdays:

June 23: Cae Glas 2, Quatt 3.

June 30: Welshpool 2, Lilleshall 4.

July 7: Pontesbury 2, Iscoyd 2.

July 14: Cae Glas 2, Allscott 3.

July 21: Forton 2, St Georges 4.

July 28: Albrighton 2, Iscoyd 2.

August 4: Condover 2, Corvedale 2.

August 11: Pontesbury 2, Ellesmere 2.

August 18: Albrighton 2, Ellesmere 2.

August 25: Forton 2, Wenlock 2.

Sept 1: Quatt 3, St Georges 4.

Sept 8: all teams have a scheduled fixture (Bishops Castle 2 & Market Drayton 2 were due to play each other on this date).

Sept 15: Welshpool 2, Lilleshall 4.

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