Broseley Rule 3.1 - Amendment

You will be aware that due to the late withdrawal of Broseley from the Premier Division SCCL introduced the so called "Broseley Rule"  (Rule 3.1), for the 2018 season only, in order to attempt to prevent teams from overtly strengthening their 2nd teams on the occasion that their 1st team had a blank week. After several weeks it is clear that some Premier clubs have not acted within the spirit of this new rule and therefore we feel obliged  to introduce much tougher restrictions on clubs when these blank weeks apply. 

Accordingly  with immediate effect, (Saturday 9th June) the following will replace the existing Rule 3.1,

New Rule 3.1  

When a Premier Division 1st XI has a blank date (two per team for the 2018 season), the club must field its usual 2nd XI players. In order to assist clubs in determining what constitutes "usual", the following restrictions will apply from now until the end of the season. 

In June & July matches, no player who has played 3 or more 1st team matches will be eligible for the 2nd team , when the 1st team have a blank week

In August &September matches, no player who has played 6 or more 1st team  matches will be eligible for the 2nd team, when the 1st team have a blank week. Rule 2.22 still applies to all other sides.

Only league games will count towards the total number of games. 

 Any breach of this rule will see all points gained in the match deducted and 24 points (20 in WL matches) awarded to the opposition. 

This amendment should simplify the process &, hopefully, ensure compliance with both the wording & the spirit of the "Broseley" rule & as such remove the opportunity for Premier clubs to strengthen their 2nds, when their 1sts have a blank weekend, to the disadvantage of their opposition.
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