BDPCL Play Off News

You will be aware that promotion (two clubs) to the Birmingham League (BDPCL) will be achieved via a play off process involving the Premier Division champions of the four County Leagues (Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire).

The purpose of this note is to advise you of all the relevant details that your club will need to know should it be eligible for inclusion in the 2019 play offs, and I should be grateful if you would carefully take note of these and ensure that all relevant personnel within your club are also made aware of this email.


Play off games will be played on Saturday 14th September, Sunday 15th September and Saturday 21st September.
There will be no reserve dates.
Each club will play one home and one away game, and game three (if required) will be played on a neutral ground (likely to be Halesowen CC or Walsall CC).
Further information in respect of the exact fixtures will be sent to you in due course.
2. Regulations

All matches will be played under current County League regulations for the win/lose/draw format, with two exceptions:

8 points to be awarded for an abandoned game
8 points to be awarded for an equal draw (scores level but the side batting second has not been dismissed).
A final copy of the regulations will be forwarded to our Premier Division Champions in due course.
3. Registration

Any player who was not registered by a competing club by 30th June 2019, will not be eligible to play in these play offs
Each competing club will nominate a playing squad of sixteen players, which may be added to in the event of injury.
4. Costs

The costs of Umpires and teas for 29 people (12 x players per team,2 x Umpires,2 x Scorers and 1 x Match Manager), will be borne by the home club in the first two rounds of play off games.
For game three (if required) the costs of Umpires and teas will be funded by the County Leagues at no cost to the participating clubs.

5. Cricket Balls

The BDPCL will provide 2 x new cricket balls for each game (at no cost to the participating clubs).
The participating clubs will provide spare cricket balls for their home game.
For game three (if required) the participating clubs must take their own box of spare cricket balls with them.

6. Umpires

Umpires for all play off games will be appointed from a panel of Umpires nominated by the four County Leagues.

7. Match Managers

Each play off game will be overseen by a neutral officially appointed Match Manager.

8. Mini League Positions

In the event of clubs finishing level on points at the end of the play off process, the two clubs to be promoted, will be determined on the basis of a net run rate calculation, the basis of which will be advised in due course.

9. Disciplinary

Any playing suspensions imposed before the first play off date, will be served (as necessary) during the period of the play offs.
Any suspension that remains unserved at the conclusion of the play off process, will be carried over to the 2020 season.

10. Club Eligibility for the Play Offs

Clubs are reminded that to be eligible for the play off process, they must fulfil the following criteria:

Grounds and facilities requirements as specified in the BDPCL Club Accreditation Document 
Must hold Clubmark Accreditation at 31st July in the current year).
Must run a minimum of 3 x senior teams.
Must run teams at Allstars, Softball, U9, U11, U13 and U15 age groups, and be entered in at least three recognised age group competitions.

11. Pre – Play Offs Meeting

It has been agreed to hold a meeting on Monday 9th September at a venue to be confirmed (probably Halesowen CC, Smethwick CC or West Bromwich Dartmouth CC), and the following must attend:

A representative from each of the participating clubs.
The Umpires appointed to stand in the matches.
A representative from each County League.
The Match Managers appointed to each game.
Richard Cox (from ECB).
Nick Archer( from BDPCL).
New cricket balls will be distributed, and there will be a briefing on the match regulations and playing conditions for the play off games.

Finally, should you require any further information or clarification of any of the above detail, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Brian Kitson

Secretary, Henshalls Insurance Brokers SCCL.
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