Additional Rule for 2018

You will be aware that the late withdrawal of Broseley CC 1st XI from the Premier Division, means that this division will be operating with only eleven teams in the 2018 season and that each team will therefore have two blank Saturdays during the season. Concerns have been raised that on such Saturdays, clubs may choose to unfairly strengthen their 2nd XI’s.

Therefore, for the 2018 season only, the league has introduced the following new rule:

Rule 3.1 

When a Premier Division 1st XI has a blank date (two per team for the 2018 season), that club's 2nd XI must field its usual players, and must email that 2nd XI selection to the Registrations Co-ordinator by 6pm on the Friday before the game, along with a list of nine 1st X1 players who would have played had the club been scheduled a 1st XI fixture. Failure to comply will invoke rule 2.5 and points may also be deducted from the offending club's 1st and 2nd XI sides. Additionally, any subsequent alterations to team selections must be emailed to the Registrations Co-ordinator by noon on the day of the match. Failure to do so will result in a two-point deduction per team.

The league would be grateful if you would please ensure that Club Captains and everyone involved in team selection at your club, are made aware of this rule and its associated penalties.
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