2019 Structure - Based on BDPCL 2018 Vote

Hi Everyone,

Further to Brian Kitson's (SCCL Secretary) email dated 24/11/17 about the proposed structure of League Cricket in the West Midlands (Here is a link to the PDF detailing the blue print) I am now in a position to provide you with a further update as the  following has now been agreed in principle by all the feeder/County Leagues with regard to what is on offer to teams returning from the BDPCL:

- Returning 2nd XIs from the BDPCL will, initially, be placed no higher than the 2nd tier (Division 1) of their appropriate County League.

- No two teams from the same club will be allowed in the same division.

- A 12 team Premier Division must be maintained in all feeder/County Leagues.

In all the other County Leagues (Warks, Worcs & Staffs) have decided to introduce a linear/meritocratic structure, in time to receive returning teams from the BDPCL for the 2019 season should the proposed BDPCL re-structure be approved in late January 2018. 

As the return of BDPCL teams to SCCL will strengthen our League & in order to provide a consistent approach/offer to all such returning  teams across the West Midlands your SCCL Management Committee has agreed to introduce a linear/meritocratic league structure with effect from the 2019 season on the basis that the BDPCL re-structure goes ahead (effectively removing our reserve divisions and placing all 2nd and 4th XI teams in the main structure). 

However the SCCL Committee has reserved the right to revisit this proposed structure for 2019 should the re-structure of the BDPCL not take place at this time. 

We will contact you again in January on the final outcome of the re-structure following the BDPCL AGM next month.

Seasons greetings

Mike Hall (on behalf of the Shropshire County Cricket League Committee)

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