07/03/2020 - Electronic Scoring Course

Electronic Scoring Shropshire
7th March 2020 @ Shifnal CC 9.30am to 4.30pm
£30 per person

Scoring electronically has become ever more popular as a method of scoring and this workshop covers the use of Play Cricket Scorer Pro (PSC Pro®), which is a free scoring program for Microsoft Windows ® based computers, developed by the ECB in conjunction with ECB ACO scorers and with direct links to the Play-Cricket League Management system.

Most scoring software is intuitive to use but many of the packages (PCS Pro included) contain advanced features and customisation that may not be so obvious Whilst they are all easy to use, the most important thing to know, is how to correct things when the inevitable mistakes occur.

This one-day workshop will take you through scoring using PCS Pro from setting up a match to printing out a scorecard or a player’s wagon wheel and will give you some handy hints on how to make amendments as quickly as possible, while play continues.

This course does not teach you how to score but applies your existing scoring knowledge in the use of PCS Pro. You will need to bring your own laptop with the PCS Pro software pre-installed. You can download the PCS Pro software free of charge here 

Topics covered in the PCS Pro workshop include:-

- Clubs, Teams, Players, Locations, Officials and Match Types
- Start up and set up including downloading a match from Play-Cricket.
- Live Scores
- Scoring locally when WiFi is not available or the match is not on Play-Cricket.
- Configuring your settings
- Scoring a match
- Change of innings and end of game
- Interruptions in play
- Printing
- Correcting mistakes
- Outputting to social media

This is the Electronic Scoring Module and will be covering scoring using Play-Cricket Scorer PRO. It is intended for scorers who are new to Scorer PRO or those already using the software but who would like a refresher. It is assumed that attendees are already familiar with the basics of scoring including the Laws of Cricket and umpire’s signals. Participants need to bring a laptop with at least Windows 8 and pre-loaded with the Scorer PRO software. The course will cover all the basic features and some of the more advanced elements of the software. There will be time to practice scoring a match, including how to deal with the events that happen infrequently or the more unusual situations scorers come across.

Parking is free. Attendees will need to bring a packed lunch but drinks will be provided.

To Book, please click on the following link :

Please note this course does not qualify for the new Scorer Bonus point.

Any questions please feel free to email, Clair Eccleston Shropshire county scorers officer on shropshirecso@gmail.com

Clair Eccleston
Shropshire CSO

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